Shock Absorption Material

Edge Guard

Edge Guard

Edge GuardThe protective material covers the edges of H-section steel to prevent injury in the case of impact by people.

  • NH-2239
  • NH-2946
  • NH-3446


  • Lemon Yellow
    Lemon Yellow
  • Ivory White
    Ivory White


Model No. Dimension A Applicable H-section steel thickness Outside dimensions Length
*** 6mm 5~7mm
*** 9mm 7~10mm
NH-2239 11mm 9~13mm 22×39 2,000mm
NH-2946 14mm 13~16mm 29×46
NH-3446 19mm 18~21mm 34×46
*** 22mm 21~23mm

*** is produced on order.


Main Body: Soft Resin